Finger Apartment

Private and public zones cross in plan & section to create a knuckle.

Manhattan, NY

Remodeling a tiny fifth-floor walk-up for a family of three is like building a small boat for a long voyage. In the case of the Finger Apartment, the challenge of stowing the owners’ cargo was equaled by the determination to provide excellent accommodations for the crew. We resolved these challenges the way shipwrights do—by building in flexibility. Each part of the vessel is crafted to serve multiple functions: a desk becomes a bed, a wall surface becomes a table, and hatches keep personal items neatly below decks. Everything has its place and the whole is easily cleaned. With everything properly squared away, there’s plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Project Info

  • Design 2006
  • Completion 2008
  • Size 540 sf
  • Collaborators STRand, Atelier New York Architecture
  • Photography Chuck Choi


  • AIA New York Chapter Interior Merit Award 2009
  • Residential Architect Design Award 2011
  • “A Narrow Victory.” dwell magazine featured the apartment on the ’09 June cover. Follow this link to see the slideshow.