Flatiron Apartment

An apartment for Diego the dog, a small child and her parents.

Manhattan, NY

For many young families living in New York, making plans for an addition to their family includes a call to an architect. In this story, the dog and the couple outgrew their studio apartment and called noroof to assist them in selecting a one-bedroom. As a response to their unique needs, the project was staged in three parts. Phase I focused on getting the family moved in. Phase II began in anticipation of a new baby. The aim of the design was to create a sleeping area that could be separated from the main space, allowing the dog and the child to enjoy the rest of the apartment. Phase III added window seats for storage, seating and baby changing and a small sleeping pod, the “Cloud Catcher.” The panelized exterior of the Cloud integrates a bench on the exterior, and has operable flaps to control the amount of engagement with the living space and Diego. The interior structure is expressed, and forms shelves for the child’s books and toys.

Project Info

  • Design 2011-2012
  • Completion 2013
  • Size 660 sf
  • Collaborators Gabriel Oliver, Courtney Mack, Kristin Washco, STRand