Hang-out Hang-er

Turning a garage into a family hangout.

When the family motorhome sold, this 18’ x 50’ garage became a hoarder’s black hole. Once the third sectional sofa filled the last available floor space, the parents realized that the growth of their stuff was competing with the needs of their growing children. This design relegates the storage to a narrow room at the back, with a loft for play and the occasional overnight guest. The program includes ping-pong, wii, a home office and craft room, organized storage and a hanging loft for displaying model airplanes, sail boats and a full-scale Iditarod sled.

Project Info

  • Design 2013
  • Completion 2014
  • Size 1,200 sf
  • Collaborators Dan Hemmendinger, Gina Leonard, Kristin Washco