Loft for an Art Collector

Architecture as a platform to display both art and life.

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY

This project was inspired by Joseph Cornell’s art boxes. The client is a collector, and came to noroof with an apartment teeming with paintings, prints, and small sculptures acquired on her frequent global travels for work. With plans for marriage (inclusive of a small child), she came to us for a strategy to make room to lodge her new family.

Although her collection would be challenging in any apartment, the walls and ceilings of her 1.5 story loft apartment (the upper of floor of a renovated industrial loft) were ridged with beams and ducts.

A series of cabinets and art boxes were designed to billet the art as well as other books and belongings.

Project Info

  • Design 2011
  • Completion 2012
  • Size 1,350 sf
  • Collaborators Kristin Washco, STRand, Paul Wood