Loggia Project

Stripping away a leaky modern addition to an early 20th century stone cottage.

Greenwich, CT

The site is a fieldstone outbuilding for an early 1900’s estate used as a potting shed and groundskeeper cottage. In 1983 the cottage was converted into a primary residence through the addition of a loggia/dining and bedroom wing.

The 2009 project is a response to the perpetually leaky “dead flat” roof covering the 1983 loggia addition. While solving flashing conditions, the new single-slope roof simplifies the lines of the various additions in order to re-foreground the nobility of the original stone cottage.

The modern addition will not only receive a new roof, but its footprint is to be extended along the foundation of a previously demolished green house. The intent is to create a light-filled complement to the cozy interiors of the existing cottage. All glazing to be updated to reflect innovations in energy efficiency.

Project Info

  • Design 2008-09
  • Size 1,200 sf
  • Collaborators Edward Stanley Engineers