Modular Schools—Classroom

Fat “L” and Chunky “U”

Los Angeles, CA

Our approach to the Los Angeles United School District’s (LAUSD) call for a system-wide alternative strategy for new charter schools and existing needs is to accept the modular as a starting point, but to introduce subtle and intelligent modifications.

The district ran two competitions in tandem, one for a 6,000 to 8,000 sf building and one for a 25,000 sf charter school. We addressed this dauntingly large undertaking by simultaneously looking at the scale of the classroom, as well as the campus. We tweaked the modular beginning with a simple but effective modification to the rectangular classroom. Adding a small pocket onto one side creates a harbor for small group and informal learning. Adding a projection to the standard modular unit creates a “fat L”. When two fat “L“s are brought together, they in turn frame a meeting hub between the classrooms.

Project Info

  • Design 2010 (Competition)
  • Size 1,000 sf
  • Collaborators Samuel Scheibel, Courtney Mack, Matthew Sander, Huzefa Irfani with RCCo