Pushmi-Pullyu House

Luring a piece of nature inside.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

The “PUSHmi-PULLyu” house is a renovation of a worker’s house in Greenpoint for a creative couple and their growing family. The project was coined “PUSHmi-PULLyu” as a result of the forces at play in the work, drawing circulation, light and exterior materials into the house through it’s openings. The vision for the project was to marry the client’s two passions: modern simplicity + an unerring appreciation for the rustic qualities of the original house. This led to the invention of the term “m-ustic,” which became a new architectural language for the project. Modern elements were treated as black, abstract insertions while the rustic qualities inherent in the house were restored and enhanced.

Project Info

  • Design 2011
  • Completion 2013
  • Size 1,650 sf
  • Collaborators Kristin Washco, Emily Wetherbee, Albanna Engineering, Mile Square Construction, Schematic Millworking