Room with a View

A 41-storey condo in Jersey City

Jersey City, NJ

If you live on the NJ side of the Hudson there are pluses and minuses. The plus, is the view; the minus, the car. A new typology has sprung up along the rivers facing Manhattan — crystal towers perched on chunky parking garages. This proposal treats the base as a figural animated member of the ground plane landscape, reminiscent of a loyal dog greeting his owner at the front door after a long day at work.

The tower above was faceted in order to provide added lines of sight towards Manhattan. This 41-story condominium on the Hudson waterfront in Jersey City was the last project Scott served as the senior designer for while at Gruzen Samton.

Project Info

  • Design 2009
  • Completion 2012
  • Size 477,000 sf
  • Affiliation Gruzen Samton


  • Builder’s Choice Merit Award 2012
  • Urban Land Institute‚Äôs NJ District Council Project of the Year Award 2011